Marcia Do Vales, star of recent British zombie comedy Ibiza Undead (2016), is set to scare again in a new supernatural chiller which will start filming in the new year in New Orleans. Directed by Spanish filmmaker Javier De Prado and produced by British film company Templeheart Films, the new film provisionally called Quail Hollow will see Marcia star as identical twins with supernatural powers, which of course leads to a whole lot of trouble.




Marcia – who as well as acting is also an accomplished producer, having worked on Paul Hyett’s thriller Heretiks (2016) – is most enthusiastic about Quail Hollow saying, “I’m really looking forward to taking on what will be my biggest acting challenge yet. My father was a twin, but unfortunately his brother died very young. So, I‘ve always had a very strong curiosity in identical twins and their unusual relationship”.


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